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Xinlong's top ten visions
1. In xinlong, work is high and low, and everyone can play their own talents.
2. In Xinlong, everyone has a reasonable match for the hard work of the company; individuals and the company develop together.
3. In Xinlong, everyone has a sense of crisis, and they keep their best every day. There is no fixed position, and there is no market for one time.
4. In xinlong, character and consciousness are higher than abilities. The selection of talents begins with the integrity and integrity of the character and the sense of open cooperation and responsibility.
5. In xinlong, people work together and trust each other to form a cohesive and efficient combat team.
6. At xinlong, we provide our customers with high quality products and efficient services.
7. At xinlong, we drive development with technology and create the future with innovation. Technology and innovation are our core tasks.
8. In Xinlong, revitalizing the national industry and becoming the benchmark for China's plastic sheet film products is our dream. (core vision)
9. In Xinlong, it is our original intention to join hands with the public welfare and give back to the society.
10. At xinlong, we are advancing with the times, bravely moving forward, and always ready to face the challenge.